Kawigi's Public Rock Band Projects

Welcome to my project site for the popular music game, Rock Band. Most of the content on this site is generated from programs I wrote, primarily out of a personal interest in either the data itself, or the process for generating it.


Star cutoffs for everything. Every instrument combination, every difficulty combination, every platform. There is no listing of star cutoffs for Rock Band that is more complete or more accurate. These cutoffs are used by other Rock Band project sites like RockBandStats.com.


Computer-generated optimal drum paths for every song available to the Rock Band platform. Used almost universally by both top-ranked Rock Band drummers and also more casual players looking to improve their scores.


Still a work in progress, SongInfo provides general statistics about each song available for the Rock Band platform. Still planned is the ability to search/filter the full list of songs on various criteria and integration with information from the rest of the site, and possibly other fan-generated Rock Band information sites.


For more dedicated players, PathStats provides scoring data to assist with more manual methods of pathing (such as using a spreadsheet program). This is primarily meant for co-op pathing configurations, and is used by competitive bands on scorehero.


Notes and lyrics for Rock Band vocals, exactly the way they're charted in the game. Great for when you just can't figure out what notes the game is expecting you to sing in a given song, or for learning how to play Rock Band vocals with an instrument.


Full band overdrive paths I've made for my band (or others, possibly) that I have chosen to share for other bands to use if they want.