Frequently Asked Questions

This section could more appropriately be called "Frequently Reported Non-Bugs," as that's how something gets in here.

I got over [cutoff value] points on [song name] on [non-expert difficulty] [instrument], and I didn't get gold stars. Your page is wrong!

Rock Band only awards gold stars on the Expert Difficulty level. When I originally started this project, I didn't display "6-star" cutoffs for other difficulties for the sake of technical accuracy, but at the request of others, I added them back as "pyrite stars." Give yourself a pat on the back if you know why they would be called that.

Your cutoff values appear to be wrong for [game] on [Wii or PS2].

Make sure you select the right platform. Originally, I only calculated cutoffs for Rock Band 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3 (and, incidentally, Wii, since it happened to be the same). Now you can select your game/platform, but it can be tricky to do so. Be aware that PS2 cutoffs are the same in both games, and Rock Band 1 for Wii follows the PS2 cutoffs, but Rock Band 2 for Wii follows the "next-gen" cutoffs.

Why do some songs have a second "(Short)" version?

Four songs from Rock Band 1 had a shortened version that was only used in the game for solo vocals. If you are looking for cutoffs for solo vocals on those four songs, use the "(Short)" version, otherwise use the regular one.

Contacting Me

The best ways to contact me are scorehero PM (handle is Kawigi), XBox Live message (gamertag is also Kawigi) or email (kawigi at yahoo). Which of those will get the fastest response depends mostly on how active I am on scorehero at the time.