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Computer-Generated Optimal Overdrive Paths for Rock Band Drums

These paths and scores are all computer-generated from a program written by me. While I'm fairly confident that the algorithm is correct, that doesn't mean there can't be bugs in the implementation or misunderstandings of the game physics - let me know if you find paths here that aren't as good as other known paths, or just don't work for some reason.


In general I tried to follow the shorthand notation conventions in EaterOfCheese's quick reference thread for Rock Band. The shorthand notation is for people who are used to reading it, the verbose notation should be descriptive enough to be more generally understood.

A quick rundown on what the shorthand notation means:

Number of fills to skip --> 1/OG <-- front-end squeeze notes (description of front end squeezing here).

I may notate the x/xx/E notation differently sometimes (although it may not affect any actual current songs). I use the shorthand "SqIn" to mean "hit the last note in an overdrive phrase under overdrive early to continue overdrive", and if you have to do it with N overdrive phrases because you'll almost run out of overdrive N times before continuing it (not a likely scenario, of course), I use "/SqInxN" instead of "/E". Also, I note the opposite of "/E" with "/SqOut", meaning that you hit that note late to make sure you don't keep overdrive going.

Known Limitations

I only calculate FC paths. If you want to find a better "miss" path (they do exist for a select few songs), you need to do it without my help :-) Here is a thread that may help you.

I'm not really sure that all the PS2 RB2 paths are right. Actually, I'm reasonably sure that many of them aren't. They're based on research done the same way we've done it for the other paths, but it seems like the fill delay time for PS2 isn't a constant, or isn't measured in real time. If you're interested in helping to figure it out and you have RB2 for PS2, let me know.

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