Niq and I make different trade-offs on the first two activations. having the first one go as far into measure 27 as possible without going over the OD phrase is definitely higher scoring, I optimized mine for being easier to not screw up. The next place we differ is the guitar solo. Niq seems to have too much OD on guitar, not sure how much difference that makes in the end. I kind of wonder if something about the calculation of how much OD exists there is making it look like more OD would be getting eaten in my path than really is at the end, and it seems to me like the ending of my path really could be better. Note that when we actually did this song, I screwed up and activated at measure 103 at the end rather than waiting for the next window, which is a mistake that should have cost ~35k points. In spite of that, we're #1 on Xbox and only 3k short of #1 on PS3, so this is a first that's very available to be taken.