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Walk Like an Egyptian

General Information

Song Name Walk Like an Egyptian Difficulty Overdrive
Artist The Bangles Band Moderate (4.170) Unison Bonuses 5
Album Different Light (track 4) Guitar Moderate (4.704) Guitar OD Phrases 10
Year 1986 Drums Challenging (5.745) Drum OD Phrases 15
Length 3:29 Bass Solid (3.128) Bass OD Phrases 14
Genre Rock Vocals Apprentice (2.732) Vocals OD Phrases 8
Recording Type Master Vocals Activation Windows 8
Pack -- Drum Fills 35
Release Date 11/17/2009

This song is in 4/4 time. Find other songs in this time signature.

This track is rated E for Everyone

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Guitar Information

Difficulty Notes Base Score Notes in solo #1
Easy 191 6584 40
Medium 216 8885 58
Hard 396 14252 86
Expert 506 21279 101

Drums Information

Difficulty Notes Base Score
Easy 487 12100
Medium 723 17925
Hard 911 22600
Expert 1192 29525

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Bass Information

Difficulty Notes Base Score
Easy 277 7981
Medium 412 11380
Hard 592 16594
Expert 662 21474

Vocals Information

Tambourine Group #144
Tambourine Group #252
Easy Base Score11400
Medium Base Score20400
Hard Base Score38400
Expert Base Score47400
Singer Genderfemale
Vocal Parts1

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