VoxData - Pitches and Lyrics for Rock Band Songs

This project shows the pitches and lyrics for each phrase of each song available for the Rock Band series of video games, as well as other interesting bits of information.


Pick the first letter of the song you want to see, then pick the name of the song to see phrase-by-phrase lyrics, notes and other optional information.


Quite often, songs aren't charted in the correct octave. For instance, higher-range songs may be charted an octave down, and lower-range songs may be charted an octave up. This is fine for the game engine, which doesn't really care what octave you really sing in. However, it refutes most efforts at analyzing songs relative to each other. I left the octave numbers in, however, because most of the time the songs are at least charted consistently within the song (e.g. the whole song will be charted an octave higher, not just part of it). Some songs are not even charted in a consistent octave, either, and those songs also don't appear to be consistent in the game. Use your judgement to decide which octave the song is really in if you care. As a point of reference, C4 is middle C - the only C that can be comfortably sung by most women and most men.

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