Rock Band/Rock Band 2 Star Cutoffs!

Welcome to Kawigi's Cutoffs, a unique resource for players of the popular Rock Band video games. This site calculates lists of star cutoff values for all songs. Try as you might, you won't find a more accurate or complete list of Rock Band star cutoffs anywhere.

Purpose / Accuracy

Before this page was created, there was no widely-available way to figure out what the 3-star cutoff was for Jukebox Hero on 2-part coop with medium bass and hard vocals, and now there are. Did you know that there are 3135 different star cutoffs for each song in Rock Band? This is obviously way more than even the biggest fansites can verify to any degree of accuracy in the game, and with the constant flow of new songs available to the Rock Band platform, even proving cutoffs to within a couple hundred points on the most popular configuarations is a time-consuming (and expensive) task. These numbers are calculated based on the base score multipliers on the scorehero wiki's Cutoff Formulas article, and base scores calculated by me. They have been demonstrated to be extremely accurate in virtually every case. If you find anything that is off by more than 1 or 2 points (and even if they're off by that much), feel free to let me know. Read the FAQ first, however.

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